A Fish Made of Water
  Fish Made of Water

A Fish Made of Water is comprised of transcripts from wisdom sessions.

The most influential channeled material in a generation.


Michael Olin-Hitt does not call himself a “channel” or “prophet,” but instead adopts the ancient role of “oracle.”  As an oracle, Michael enters a trance state, and a spiritual guide who “abides in the Holy” speaks through him. This Messenger of the Holy provides sacred teachings that are both personal and cosmic.
     The guidance in A Fish Made of Water resonates with the ancient wisdom teachings from world religions, but the wisdom is presented in a fresh, contemporary perspective.  This material brings the ancient insights to the present age. It is like having a spiritual teacher from all of the world religions rolled into one.  In this book, read what a spiritual messenger has to say about:



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the spiritual origins of the universe,

the purpose of human life,

the soul,

life between lives,

Earth spirituality,

living with sacred awareness.


     If you are a person who can sense the underlying unity of all religions, this book is for you.  If you know intuitively that all life is interconnected, this book will confirm this deep knowledge.  If you are seeking spiritual direction and inspiration, this book will engage your imagination, challenge your mind and feed your soul.